ROOTS Institute

The Next Generation in Educating Equine
Experiential Learning Facilitators &
Interspecies Welfare Advocates

ROOTS is pioneering a psychosocial interspecies movement, integrating contemporary neuroscience, ethology, ecology and psychology to expand our understanding of the consequences and benefits of human interactions with other species.

ROOTS Institute teaches and advocates for mutuality in relationship, ethical conduct towards all animals, a high degree of animal welfare awareness, skillfully prioritizing mental/emotional/physical well-being equally for humans and nonhumans, and fully considering consciousness and sentience in everything we do with nonhuman animals.

The mission of ROOTS Institute is to present a scientific and ethically sound paradigm shift in the way we educate and advocate for mutuality in interspecies interaction and social, emotional equine experiential learning and psychotherapy programs.

As a ROOTS Welfare Adovcate, EELP Facilitator, or Intern, you become an integral part of a professional network that is supported through a code of ethics, a comprehensive education, supervision, continuing education, and education conferences pertaining to the social-emotional interspecies interaction field. You will be prepared to facilitate human-horse-nonhuman animal interaction programs and welfare advocacy that is unequaled in the field.

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