Equine / Animal Assisted
Therapeutic Interventions

Horses are social bond oriented mammals that are able to connect with human beings in a deeply relational manner. If we, as human beings, choose to understand this and relate to horses on an individual level which honors their own spirit, their own being and our shared relationship, then immense healing can occur in this mutual relationship. I believe horses have one of the most accessible spirits of almost any creature. They have one advantage over humans in that they do not have an ego to get in the way of their relationships. I also believe that this authentic connection is what makes this intervention so powerful. However the heart of the work, of the experience, is to honor the horses and the humans and what each brings to the relationship that is being created and experienced.

April the horse

Across the years my clients have taught me the importance of connecting with other social animals in addition to horses. It is my younger clients who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by horses who have taught me the value of being in relationship with chickens, or bunnies, or goats, or pigs, or sheep, or guinea pigs or chinchillas, and more, in order to create a safe and meaningful therapeutic experience. What is wounded in relationship, can be healed in relationship. The opportunity to create connection and friendship with these furry and feathered beings can create a mutual path for healing, compassion, empathy and greater understanding of one's self and others.

Through my work with Equine/Animal Assisted Therapeutic Interventions (EAATI), I embrace the principles and training that I have been honored to learn to create a relationship between the client and the horse/animal that is mutual and is respectful of one another. Through this relationship the horses/animals are able to create an emotional connection that facilitates life changing experiences of increased awareness, development of new knowledge and skills and immense healing. EAATI is effective in treating numerous issues, including but not limited to: behavioral issues, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief & loss, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, communication and boundary difficulties, challenges addressing gender identity and sexual orientation, life transitions and more.

Through my clinical practice I will assess with you if Equine/Animal Assisted Therapeutic Interventions is the most effective treatment for you, given your goals and counseling needs. EAATI is provided for individuals, couples and families, and is assessed on an individual basis, in conjunction with the overall treatment plan.

Equine/Animal Assisted Therapeutic Interventions can help:

Retreats and group EAATI experiences can be developed for all age groups and populations. EAATI is highly effective with facilitating team building for organizations seeking to increase communication and collaboration amongst your team.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment or would like more information, contact me by phone at (425) 280-6508 or email me at rainbowcounseling@gmail.com and we can discuss how I might be able to help you.